FlexiLeg sling

FlexiLeg sling

FlexiLeg is a flexible chain sling solution with instant leg interchange,
where one single master link and a combination of five legs replaces four slings,
which is equal to ten legs with the traditional system (a 50% reduction!).
By using the unique features of the GrabiQ range, Gunnebo Lifting has increased
the flexibility of lifting with chain slings even further.

Detailed information

CAD Part no Code
Z101050 FlexiLeg GBK 6 mm L=2 m
Z101051 FlexiLeg EGKN 6 mm L=2 m
Z101052 FlexiLeg GBK 8 mm L=2 m
Z101053 FlexiLeg EGKN 8 mm L=2 m
Z101054 FlexiLeg GBK 10 mm L=2 m
Z101055 FlexiLeg EGKN 10 mm L=2 m
Z101056 FlexiLeg GBK 13 mm L=2 m
Z101057 FlexiLeg EGKN 13 mm L=2 m
Z101058 FlexiLeg GBK 16 mm L=2 m
Z101059 FlexiLeg EGKN 16 mm L=2 m
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