Roundsling hook RH GrabiQ

Roundsling hook RH GrabiQ

The roundsling hooks are colour coded in order to match the corresponding size of the roundsling: Red = 5T, Yellow = 3T, Green = 2T and Violet = 1T. CE marked

The RH-hook is the perfect load connection solution, combining the advantages of both soft lifting slings and grade 100 components. It can be inserted into a softsling and is quicker and safer to use than the commonly used shackle. The RH-hook is a connector as well as a hook, which gives the user increased flexibility, safer use and increased durability of the soft slings.

The RH-hook comes with a blocking pin, but thanks to the narrow opening it may be used without blocking pin.

Tested according to EN 1677-2

Safety factor 4:1

All dimensions in mm

Detailed information

CAD Part no Code WLL t B E G L H M Weight kgs
B14490 RH-1-10 1 24 35 16.6 84 19 8 0.435
B14491 RH-2-10 2 28 40 17 96 22 10 0.747
B14492 RH-3-10 3 33 47 24 117 30 12 1.393
B14493 RH-5-10 5 43 73 27 155 36 16.5 3.382
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