Spare Part RDRLP - Metric

Spare Part RDRLP - Metric

Standard length bolt and long bolt for RLP are availalble as spare parts.

Detailed information

CAD Part no Code
Standard length bolt incl. locking ring
Z1017081 RDRLP-M8x1,25
Z1017101 RDRLP-M10x1,5
Z1017121 RDRLP-M12x1,75
Z1017161 RDRLP-M16x2
Z1017201 RDRLP-M20x2,5
Z1017241 RDRLP-M24x3
Z1017301 RDRLP-M30x3,5
Z1017361 RDRLP-M36x4
Z1017421 RDRLP-M42x4,5
Z1017481 RDRLP-M48x5
Long bolt incl. nut, locking ring and washer
Z10170801L RDRLP-M8x1.25 LB
Z10171001L RDRLP-M10x1.5 LB
Z10171201L RDRLP-M12x1.75 LB
Z10171601L RDRLP-M16x2 LB
Z10172001L RDRLP-M20x2.5 LB
Z10172401L RDRLP-M24x3 LB
Z10173001L RDRLP-M30x3.5 LB
Z10173601L RDRLP-M36x4 LB
Z10174201L RDRLP-M42x4.5 LB
Z10174801L RDRLP-M48x5 LB
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