Steel Wire Rope Puller LRPA - LiftiQ

Steel Wire Rope Puller LRPA - LiftiQ

  • Lightweight but strong aluminium housing design
  • Ropes are supplied fused and tapered one end with eye-type latch hook at other end
  • Other end fittings are available on request
  • 20 meters operating rope is supplied as standard. Other lengths can be supplied.

Detailed information

CAD Part no Model WLL t Length mm Wire rope diam. (mm) Weight incl. wire (kgs)
G005600008 LRPA008 800 426 8,3 12.8
G005600016 LRPA016 1600 545 11,0 24.6
G005600032 LRPA032 3200 660 16,0 41.0
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