Aqua Connecting Shackle 851

Aqua Connecting Shackle 851

Plastic clip provided as standard safety pin.

Standard:   Third party approved acc. to relevant Norwegian aquaculture standards
Material:     High Tensile Steel. Quenched and Tempered, Grade 6
Finish:        All parts hot dip galvanized + brown color marking

These sizes come with a sunken hexagon bolt head that will greatly reduce the risk
of the bolt unscrewing during use as well as making the fitting easier for the user.

Detailed information

CAD Part no D Trade size, mm D Trade size, Inch MBL tonnes A C E D2 D1
A085122 22 7/8" 50 40 89 60 52 25
A085132 32 1 1/4" 100 57 115 75 72 35

Customized securing options:
- Plastic covered seizing wire
- Plastic covered steel wire
- Stainless steel cotter pin
- Clips (50T) - Yellow

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