Spare part BK

Spare part BK

Set for BK Safety hooks consisting of trigger, stainless steel spring, retaining pin and assembly kit.

Detailed information

CAD Part no Code Weight kgs
Z100282 RDBK-6 Recessed trigger 0.02
Z100283 RDBK-7/8 Recessed trigger 0.028
Z100284 RDBK-10 Recessed trigger 0.033
Z100285 RDBK-13 Recessed trigger 0.053
Z100286 RDBK-16 Recessed trigger 0.097
Z100297 RDBK-18/20 Recessed trigger 0.21
Z100287 RDBK-22 Recessed trigger 0.197
Z100280 RDBK-26 Recessed trigger 0.497
Z100294 RDBK-32 Recessed trigger 0.7
Z1002820 RDBK-6 Standard trigger (long trigger) 0.023
Z1002830 RDBK-7/8 Standard trigger (long trigger) 0.033
Z1002840 RDBK-10 Standard trigger (long trigger) 0.036
Z1002850 RDBK-13 Standard trigger (long trigger) 0.06
Z1002860 RDBK-16 Standard trigger (long trigger) 0.104
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