Spare part BK / BKL

Spare part BK / BKL

Set for BK Safety hooks consisting of trigger, stainless steel spring, retaining pin and assembly kit.

Detailed information

CAD Part no Code Weight kgs
Z100282 RDBK-6 Recessed trigger 0.02
Z100283 RDBK-7/8 Recessed trigger 0.028
Z100284 RDBK-10 Recessed trigger 0.033
Z100285 RDBK-13 Recessed trigger 0.053
Z100286 RDBK-16 Recessed trigger 0.097
Z100297 RDBK-18/20 Recessed trigger 0.21
Z100287 RDBK-22 Recessed trigger 0.197
Z100280 RDBK-26 Recessed trigger 0.497
Z100294 RDBK-32 Recessed trigger 0.7
Z1002820 RDBK-6 Standard trigger (long trigger) 0.023
Z1002830 RDBK-7/8 Standard trigger (long trigger) 0.033
Z1002840 RDBK-10 Standard trigger (long trigger) 0.036
Z1002850 RDBK-13 Standard trigger (long trigger) 0.06
Z1002860 RDBK-16 Standard trigger (long trigger) 0.104
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