We are known as the No. 1 quality manufacturer in the world and our GrabiQ products is certainly not an exception to that. We have collected all our knowledge from the past to create the product range for the future and this is available today.

Systematic quality control in every manufacturing stage from raw material to the finished product guarantees a high level of safety and long life.

Type testing
In order to prove the design, material, heat treatment and method of manufacture, each size of component and chain in the finished condition has been type tested in order to demonstrate that the component and chain possess the required mechanical properties. The following testing procedures are particularly relevant.

Test for deformation
The Manufacturing Proof Force (MPF) for the relevant size of the component is applied and released. The dimensions after proof loading shall not alter from the original dimensions within the tolerances prescribed in the international standards.

Static tensile test
The Breaking Force (BF) for each component and size is verified. The verified value shall be at least equal to the Minimum Breaking Force (MBF) value. The MBF value is equal to the Woking Load Limit (WLL) multiplied by the safety factor.

Fatigue test
By fatigue testing in pulsator testing machines the toughest service conditions are simulated.

Manufacture testing
During manufacture, continuous manufacturing tests are carried out according to the requirements of the latest international standards.
The following testing procedures are particularly relevant.

Non destructive test/inspection
3% of every production batch of forged components are subject to magnetic particle or dye penetrating examination.
Visual inspection is carried out on each chain link and forged component to eliminate defects.

Proof force
Each individual component and chain link is tested to the Manufacturing Proof Force (MPF) level before delivery. The MPF level is 2,5 times the WLL, equal to 62,5% of the Minimum Breaking Force.

Static tensile test and ultimate elongation test
During manufacture of chain and master links, samples are tested and the Minimum Breaking Force (MBF) value and the total ultimate elongation are verified.

Bending deflection
During manufacture of chain and master links, samples are taken and the
minimum bend deflection verified. 


   % elongation

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