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Press release - About Gunnebo Industries

Gunnebo Industries is a company standing on a solid foundation, created from centuries of experience and an ability to adapt to new needs and demands of the lifting industry.  We take great pride in developing, manufacturing and marketing products of the highest quality and functionality, supplying our customers with lifting gear that increases their flexibility and efficiency.

Gunnebo Industries World Wide
There is no coincidence that Gunnebo Industries products are found in just about every corner of the world. We are, by having subsidiaries and partners on every continent, able to meet the requirements of a global market. Being locally close to our market gives us the ability to not only supply the right products to our customers, but also to support training in safe and efficient handling, give technical advice and also support marketing activities and in making marketing material.

Quality and safety has been, and will continue to be, our top priorities. Every single component that we send out from our factories has been proof loaded 2.5 times their working load limit and visually inspected by our competent personnel. This makes us able to guarantee a product with a quality second to none.

We Add Value
We are constantly striving to not just produce lifting equipment, but also to add extra value that will improve our customers’ efficiency and flexibility towards their own customers. Their business is our business and we welcome long term business relationships built on sustainable decisions.

Gunnebo Lifting’s unique lifting system – GrabiQ - has been designed to increase cost efficiency and improve the user’s flexibility in field. This has been done through a number of unique solutions; it has, for example integrated functions such as shortening of the chain, which would otherwise demand additional components.

The GrabiQ system contains the FlexiLeg solution, where the user can alter the number of legs in the chain sling within minutes, without changing the master link at the top, saving time, money and effort.

New Products
Gunnebo Industries has a long and proud history of state of the art inventions. We invented products that are standard on the market today, and we are working continuously to further improve the efficiency and safety of existing inventions, as well as to develop completely new products. At the end of last year we were proud to present two new products in our range:

Master Link Hybrid - MFH
By listening to our customers we realized there was no optimal master link for DIN 15401 crane hooks. The alternatives available on the market would compromise between a good fit on the crane hook or a well-balanced lift. This gave birth to the idea of a completely new master link, never before seen on the market: Master Link Hybrid - The Best of Both Worlds.

The top part of the master link has an extended radius, designed to fit perfectly on the crane hook. This minimizes the wear and tear of both the master link and the crane hook, which otherwise can lead to corrosion and a shorter product life span.

 Unlike the pear-shaped master link, the MFH has parallel legs offering generous space to connect multiple legs which also makes the assembly easier for the user.

 The lower half of the master link is rounded and this allows the load to automatically centre with every lift, increasing balance and a safer working situation. The risk of tilting is completely eliminated.

This new master link has been warmly welcomed by our customers in the crane industry and, as we expected, is becoming a great success.

Eye Rotating Lifting Point - ERLP
The Rotating Lifting Point- RLP – has now been in our range for some time and it has become a very popular and successful product. However users found that, in certain situations, the RLP was too wide for more confined spaces which didn’t allow it to rotate as intended.

The ERLP has a slimmer, smooth profile design, making it suitable for use in these situations. We have also given it a smooth –profile design to help prevent snagging on surrounding surfaces. . The bow of the ERLP has the same low position as the RLP, which greatly reduces the stress on the bolt as well as the impact on the surface that the lifting point is screwed in to. This gives the user a strong and reliable lifting point that is gentle to the loads being transported

This is an appreciated addition to our lifting point family and we strongly believe it will be a major step forward in extending our lifting point range.

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Gunnebo Industrier AB is an international group of industrial companies that is active in 15 countries and has around 50 major distributors/agents worldwide. The group is engaged in the development, manufacture and marketing of chain and lifting components, fastening systems for the building industry, blocks/systems for heavy lifting, non-skid products and telescopic ladders. The business is conducted through business areas: Fastening, Lifting, Traction, Blocks and Telesteps. Gunnebo Industrier markets well-known products in established market segments, and is market leader in each product and/or market area. The annual consolidated turnover amounts close to MSEK 2 000 and the group has around 1,100 employees.

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