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Approved Galvanizer certificate

Approved Galvanizer certificate

Gunnebo Industries is a main supplier of chain and components to the aquaculture industry. The conditions where the products are being used are harsh due to the unforgiving marine environment. A hot dip galvanizing coating is often the preferred corrosion protection which increases the service lifetime of the products. Gunnebo Industries has extensive experience of hot dip galvanizing, and the company was recently awarded the certificate ‘Approved Galvanizer’.

On the 17th of May 2017 Gunnebo Industries welcomed Nordcert to the factory in Gunnebo, Sweden. Nordcert is a certification body that, together with Nordic Galvanizers and MVR (Mekaniska Verkstäders Riksförbund), has developed ‘Approved Galvanizer’ - a certificate for audited and quality approved galvanizing companies.

During the visit Nordcert studied the hot dip galvanizing process at the factory in Gunnebo. The Approved Galvanizer certificate guarantees that the quality and procedures during the hot dip galvanizing processes meets the standards.

Quality is a top priority at Gunnebo Industries and the company continuously works to develop and improve the quality of all products. To receive the Approved Galvanizer certificate is of great importance when it comes to quality assurance. “We provide a large amount of chain and components to the aquaculture industry, where there are very high demands on the products.” - Claes Sörebo, Product and Marketing manager at Gunnebo Industries. Claes continues. “This certificate reassures our customers that we offer hot dip galvanized products of high and consistent quality, with a long service lifetime.”

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