17 02 09

Get the Right Equipment for your Fish Farm

Adverse weather and rough sea conditions, coupled with the harsh marine environment must be taken into consideration when you specify the correct equipment for your Aquaculture facilities. Gunnebo Industries products are the first choice for safety and quality. We have always, and will continue to provide the Aquaculture industry with the preferred products available on the market. All of our Aquaculture products are independently approved according to Norwegian standard NS 9415.

  Unique Shackle

Mooring Shackle No 852 has a sunken bolt that locks into
the shackle to prevent rotation and has a spacious bow for
connecting thimbles, rope and mooring/connecting plates

Read more about the Mooring Shackle No 852



  New Brochure

Click on the link below to take you to our new Aquaculture brochure.
This will give you further details and an insight into our solutions for
the Aquaculture industry

New Aquaculture Leaflet

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