23 06 16

Crosby launches additional WRIN STR handle size for safer and more efficient lifting

The WRIN STR Handle provides additional safety to the Gunnebo Industries' BK safety hook family, part of Crosby. With the handle the operator opens and closes the safety hook without placing any hands inside the hook, resulting in reduced risk for personal injury on worksites. The handle is easily mounted to the safety hook, without compromising the integrity of the hook.

The WRIN-handle, which is must for safety conscious users, is now available for 10 mm (3/8’’) BK* hooks and can easily be retrofitted to hooks out in the field. The handle features a hole for attaching a tag line for easy retrieval and is available from stock to be quickly shipped worldwide. 


Product features

With the WRIN STR safety handle you get all the clever features offered within our BK safety hook range, together with the extra safety needed in high risk applications and harsh environments. The WRIN STR Handle is easily mounted to safety hooks within the BK family. For sling shops the WRIN STR Handle is the perfect complement to the BK safety hooks, reducing the need for a large range of different safety hooks in stock. Learn more in our product leaflet: Metric versionImperial version


Watch our video to learn more about the WRIN STR handle here >>

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