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Keeping the SpaceX Falcon 9 steady

Gunnebo Industries’ GrabiQ system was used to support safe transport of a SpaceX Orbital booster rocket in Cape Canaveral, Florida, not far away from Kennedy Space Center. With the SpaceX Orbital booster rocket being attached to a floating vessel, the rigging needed to be done flawlessly and with the highest dependability possible. 

GrabiQ is designed to integrate multiple functions in each component, which results in more cost effective lifting operations, as well as faster rigging time and more ergonomic lifts thanks to lower weight and a smart design. Despite the fact that the slings are lighter they have 25 % added strength*, which is ideal for most applications, and especially for a space rocket.   

Passion for quality  

Developing safe and reliable solutions have been a main focus for us ever since the start, back in 1764. Today, our products for the lifting industry are developed, manufactured and tested beyond the highest standards.

All critical processes are performed in-house, we have 100% control of the design, manufacturing and testing, and we can trace every component all the way back to the raw material. We test every single component to 2 - 2.5 times its WLL (working load limit) depending on the relevant standard, which gives us peace of mind that the products will perform and do what they are supposed to do out in the field. 

Moreover, all our components are being inspected 100%, and we do systematic quality control in every manufacturing stage, from raw material to the finished product. Our robust quality process guarantees a high level of safety and a long lifetime of our products. Regardless if it’s for a space rocket or a crane, the quality of our products is always something extra.

*Compared to grade 8

Photo cred: Ken Kremer

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