19 03 11
Renovating Americas most prominent speedway

Renovating Americas most prominent speedway

The Daytona International Speedway, built back in 1959 has been one of Americas most famous and exclusive speedways for decades. When the time came to renovate it, smart solutions paved the way, literally speaking.   

When the track was built 60 years ago, the ambition was to have the highest banking possible to allow cars to reach high speeds and to give fans a better view of the cars on track. With cars driving up to 300 km/hour, you can be safe to say that the track needs its maintenance from time to time.

With a track that ranges from 31 degrees in the turns to 18 degrees on the front stretch and almost 3 degrees on the backstretch this is not a common re-paving project where the road is flat and it definitely requires some smart solutions.

Due to the slope of the track, the main feeder of the asphalt to the paving machine needed to be suspended so that it could feed the asphalt to the paver. Here is where Gunnebo Industries’ Johnson Quick Reeve crane block came into the picture. Without the block, the feeder line would fall and it would not be possible to get the asphalt to the paver.   

Instead of building expensive, custom-made machines that may only be used once in a great while, a lifting system was developed to hold the feeder in place. This resulted in a much less time consuming and less expensive solution. 


The race continues

The benefits of using Johnson blocks are many; with a proven record of engineering innovations and dependability, we have provided blocks all over the world for decades, always delivered with the highest quality, providing our customers a peace of mind.

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