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Supporting safe rescues at Mount Everest

With its 8,848 meter above sea level, the world’s highest mountain attracts a large number of climbers every year. In this challenging environment where rescue operations are being performed regularly, every detail matters.

Mount Everest has fascinated climbers and mountaineers for decades and up until today more than 4,000 people have summited this legendary mountain.

The Himalayas is completely unique and can be both harsh and extremely difficult, even for the most experienced climbers:

 “The rescue teams working at Mount Everest and its surroundings are often put to the test; taking care of injured climbers high up in the mountains is always challenging”, says Maurizio Folini, helicopter pilot who has been working in the Himalayan mountains for many years. Every detail counts, and with the GrabIQ-system, the rescue team can safely lift injured people from the helicopter.

GrabIQ is designed to integrate multiple functions in each component, which results in more cost effective lifting operations, as well as faster rigging time and more ergonomic lifts thanks to lower weight and a smart design.    

Passion for safety
Developing safe and reliable solutions for the lifting industry have been a main focus for Gunnebo Industries for centuries. With a unique quality process and innovative and smart product features, it is a perfect match for the Himalayan rescue team, both sharing the same passion for safety.  



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