19 03 01

UKN 20 Tonnes

Back in 1975 Gunnebo Industries developed the UKN hook, a solution that maximized the efficiency and usability for excavators.

We are pleased to announce a new size for the UKN-family; UKN-20, which has the WLL capacity of 20 tonnes (44080 pounds).

Gunnebo Industries UKN hook has the highest possible durability and is 100% proof loaded. Additionally,
it has a pin & spring feature and a heavy duty latch for easy opening. The UKN has clear markings and is prepared for welding directly to the excavator or lifting beam.

The UKN hook has been fitted to excavators and other applications for over 40 years, either directly by the manufacturer or as an aftermarket product. Today the UKN is the hook of choice for leading international excavator manufacturers.

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UKN Product highlight, metric

UKN Product highlight, imperial

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