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World Quality Day

World Quality Day

The 14th of November was World Quality Day, a day when we want to take the opportunity to highlight our employees and how they consistently work with quality, every day.

Per Lundkvist, Production Manager at the component factory in Växjö describes the certification- and training program, as well as processes where our employees truly make a difference when it comes to delivering the highest quality possible:

Training is key
Every employee working within a critical process takes part in a training program where the operator learns about the products and potential risks within the production process. To be a certified operator you need to pass an examination test as well as an eye test.  With this training and process each employee can ensure that we keep the highest quality level there is.

The four eyes principle
To meet the highest quality standards we have a process where two operators independently confirm that the machine or production line has been set up correctly for the next production batch. This means that before we start manufacturing a product we make sure that everything follows our strict specifications.

Mandate to stop the production
Every single employee within manufacturing has a mandate to stop their part of the production line, if they suspect that something is not right. Our mission is to ensure that every single product that leaves our factories meet the highest safety and quality standards.

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